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  • Q. Do you have a simple way to learn the game?

    A. We have created a visual explanation of how to play the game (Pdf version - 3.65MB). Please click on this link and save to your hard drive!

    How to Play Elementaurs Boot Camp!

    To download Adobe Pdf Reader click here!

  • Q. How do I know which card I can put down to win the recruit card that is turned up from the deck?

    A. Look at the vibe (the red or yellow number in the top right hand corner) of the card on the table. You can play any card with the opposite colour ? it will also be the opposite +ve/ -ve. You then need to balance it.

  • Q. Can I use more than one Elementaur card as I try to balance the vibe and make a Combo?

    A. No. For this game you are only allowed to use one Elementaur to make a Combo with the recruit.

  • Q. How do I balance a combo to zero if I don?t have an opposite vibe with the same number?

    A. You don?t need the same number. This is where the Multiplier cards come in. If the table card says +3 and your only ?ve is -1 then you need to MULTIPLY your card by 3. Put your # 3 multiplier card just under your card when you put it down to play. 3 times -1 is -3 and you are beautifully balanced (+3 and -3 = 0) to zero.

  • Q. Can I put a multiplier under the table card?

    A. Yes, it is fine if you put a multiplier card under the table card. In fact each player can have a different Multiplier card under the table card.

  • Q. Can I put a Multiplier card under both my cards?

    A. You may multiply the turned-up card from the deck, or the card from your hand, or both. For example, you may have a +2 and the card by the deck is a -3. If you multiply your card by 3 (making it 2 x 3 = +6) and the other card by 2 (2 x -3 = -6) then these will cancel each other out. Place the Multiplier card beside the card being multiplied to show your play. The card by the deck can have a different Multiplier card from each player beside it to indicate their play. No one wins the multiplier cards.

  • Q. If I have a number 2 Multiplier card next to my card, do I multiply the grab factor too?

    A. No. The GIVE or GRAB scores are not altered by the Multiplier cards. Only the Heat cards can change the GIVE or GRAB scores.

  • Q. Do I keep the Multiplier cards in my hand?

    A. No, it is easier if they are kept beside you, ready to be used.

  • Q. What happens to a Multiplier card after I have used it?

    A. The Multiplier comes back to you, and you put it to the side, ready to use again.

  • Q. What does a Heat card do?

    A. A Heat card doubles the GIVE or GRAB score of the card being played. Usually this will be enough to help you beat the other player and win the recruit card.

  • Q. When should I use a Heat card?

    A. The Heat card is your secret weapon. After both players have put their cards down, if you have lost the hand but you have a Heat card you can put it down on top of your play. Only do this if doubling your GIVE or GRAB score will win you that Combo.

  • Q. When I win a Combo, do I win the other person?s card as well?

    A. No, they return their card to their hand. Once you are good at the game, you might remember the cards they have and this could be useful to you as you decide which of your cards you are going to put down for later plays.

  • Q. What do I do with the Combo I have won?

    A. Both the recruit card and the card you put down are put aside onto your team. You then need to replenish your hand by picking up a card from the deck. Do this before the next recruit is turned up.

  • Q. Do we put our cards down together?

    A. No, the person who won the last hand should put their next play down first. This gives the other person an advantage as they can choose a card from their deck that will beat its GIVE / GRAB score... if they have such a card and if the other person does not surprise them with a Heat card.

  • Q. If I have a card that has a +4/-4 and it is the same Elementaur as the recruit card, can I play it?

    A. No. In this game you are not allowed to do this. Combos must consist of two different Elementaur creatures.

  • Q. What if the card on the table has a +ve red vibe but I have no ?ve yellows to recruit it.

    A. You cannot make a play. If the other person can make a Combo, they win that round.

  • Q. What if I have weak cards?

    A. If you have weak cards or all of one vibe (eg all positive), when you have lost a turn, you may take any card from your hand and place it at the bottom of the deck. You can then replenish your hand to five by taking one of the cards from the top of the deck.

  • Q. What if a Princess card turns up? She already has a vibe of zero.

    A. She cannot be won by making a Combo so place another card on top of her and whoever wins this Combo, wins the Princess as well. Sometimes there are several Princesses to be one as well as the recruit card. They all go aside into your team.

  • Q. What if a heat card is turned up?

    A. A heat card cannot be won by making a Combo so place another card on top of it and whoever wins this Combo, wins the Heat card as well.

  • Q. Does the Heat card go aside into my team?

    A. No. Place the Heat card into your hand. This should bring your hand up to five and you will not need to replenish from the deck.

  • Q. What happens when there are no cards left to recruit?

    A. See if you have any cards in your hand that can make Combos. If so, put them into your team. If not, put them aside and then count the cards you have in your team. Heat cards and Multiplier cards are not counted.

  • Q. Who wins the game?

    A. The player with the most recruits wins the game.

  • Q. What if we have equal numbers of recruits?

    A. Look at the card(s) left over from your hand, compare it with the card(s) left over from their hand. The player who has the card with the greatest GIVE or GRAB factor wins the game.

  • Q. Are the ELEMENTAURS with the weakest GIVE or GRAB factors the least valuable cards?

    A. For this game that is true but in reality and in the next series when you can play BATTLE PHASE, some of the weakest will be the most valuable.

  • Q. What happens if we both play the same card?

    A. In this game the Connection card (the one with a paragraph description of the creature) wins the play. In the next series, BATTLE PHASE, it will be the ABILITIES card (Attacks, Defence, Gifts, Food etc) that wins over the Connection card.

  • Q. What do the stars mean?

    A. These are Abundance Stars. They tell you how much of the food source there is on earth.


    A. There is a pearl circle on each card showing the number of pearls the Elementaur has collected. This is their treasure. They keep the pearls in pairs if they can and mostly they want a full set of eight. As in our world, generally the girls GRAB the pearls and the boys are happy enough, under the right circumstances, to GIVE them out.

  • Q. Why don?t the Princesses have a vibe or a GIVE/GRAB factor?

    A. The Princesses are fairly aloof. They have full sets of pearls and therefore generally have no desire for any more.

  • Q. Why is there a number inside that circle of pearls?

    A. The number in the middle of the circle shows you how far down on Mendeleyev?s  Map it belongs (row 1, 2 or 3). It also shows how many pearl circles they have. The ones you can?t see are already filled.

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