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Welcome to Elementaurs World

The ELEMENTAURS were originally created as nanorobots but through a fortuitous accident in a bioreactor these synthesised beings took on a life of their own. They are living beings who have much to offer the human race. They can teach us many things, give us gifts, help us solve problems and defeat our enemies. Neither good nor bad, tame nor wild, they take on some of the personality of the human who releases them.

ELEMENTAURS BOOT CAMP is an exciting new card game with adventures on a subatomic level. In this game you meet the first eighteen of the ELEMENTAURS. You learn which clans they belong to, how they might behave and, most importantly, how to recruit them to your team.

ELEMENTAURS BOOT CAMP may be played at many different levels, depending on the age and ability of the players. From the simplest games through to the challenging COMBAT COMBOS there is something for everyone. And after the games are played, just looking at the cards is an enlightening experience. There is much to be learned and laughed about in the images and text on each of the cards as you decide which is your favourite ELEMENTAUR.

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This starter deck is just the beginning as there are 92 ELEMENTAUR creatures to meet. Soon the next series of 18 will be released along with enemy, challenge and rare cards in packs of 10. There is also a series of books that will be published telling about the creation of the ELEMENTAURS and the adventures of a group of children in their quest to release them.

New Release - The Watermaker

Praise for The Watermaker - Reviews

"I loved "The Water Maker"! I read it so quickly. When is the next one ready? The best part was all the action. It was amazing when Hy cleaned up the lake. Hy was my favourite character." Ben, aged 8

"We have just finished the Watermaker and it is fabulous. We laughed out loud at Xave and Hy in the aeroplane's toilet, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Small K's question at the end "when can we get the next one?" Katrina.

"I've just finished reading the Watermaker, and loved it! It will be great to read the rest of the series." Rosalie (Owner Zero to Ten Bookshop, Fremantle.)

"Hi Naomi, I Finished ""watermaker"" a few days a go. Was Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait 2 read book 2. It had a really long title, that?s why I am not saying its proper name. Just finished playing "Elementaurs: the card game". I won! I had 4 princess and 2 fighting pairs. Is the book set slightly in the future? the techno is very advanced. When do u think u'll finish boook 2? I can't wait 2 read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye, Holly". Age 11.

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